Common contact lenses problems?

Having red and dry eyes? Discomfort contact lenses? Itchy and pain after wearing contact lenses? Long hours of contact lenses wearing?

First time contact lenses wearer? Searching for the best and comfortable contact lenses?

Red and dry eyes

First time wearer

Struggle with foggy glasses

How Eyeplus able to help?

‘Perfect Contact Lenses Just For You’

‘I had tried so many different brands and types of contact lenses. I still can’t find my perfect contact lenses. My vision still doesn’t seem clear and it makes me feel uncomfortable!’

So, there are lots of different contact lenses in the market. What’s the difference? Which contact lenses suites me well?

In Eyeplus Optometrist, we offer professional contact lenses fitting sessions to ensure you are having a wonderful contact lens wearing experience!

The key elements for successful contact lenses wear will be determined based on TYPE and SIZE of the contact lenses!



Type of Contact Lenses

In order to suggest the best contact lenses for our patients, understanding their lifestyle and concern is the first step to do before everything!

We will be focusing on wearer’s 
1. Purpose of wearing
2. Duration of wearing
3. Eye surface condition
4. Previous contact lenses experience

Getting to know more about wearer’s expectation aids us to provide best recommendation on the type of contact lenses we should advise. For example, daily, bi-weekly, monthly or specialty (astigmatism or hard lenses).

Size of Contact Lenses

Optimal fit of contact lenses directly affects the comfort of contact lenses wearing!

Do you know what’s the size of the contact lenses you are using?

We are here to find out! 

With our advanced corneal scanning equipment, patients will be undergoing a detailed test of the eye shape before determine the size of contact lenses.

The main purpose of the test is to make sure the contact lenses conforms your eyes well!



Trial Lenses Fitting

Action speaks louder than words! Trying on the contact lenses will enhance the full contact lenses checking session and increase wearer’s experience. 

In order to confirm the performance of contact lenses, patient’s will be given a pair of trial lenses to wear on for fitting assessment. 

No worries for first time wearers, we will guide you well on contact lenses handling, especially tips on insertion and removal! 


Warranty Exchange

Worry about power changes? Wish to stock up a whole year supply of contact lenses? Not satisfy about the contact lenses vision or comfort?

We are here to help! Follow up sessions are provided to review the fitting of the contact lenses and wearer’s satisfaction. 

Besides, we also offers exchange services without any charges to assure that you are satisfy with your contact lenses purchase. 

Our Contact Lenses

Best selling contact lenses in Eyeplus Optometrist!


Customizable sizing for your eyes with maximum comfortable and vision

Expressive and Comfortable

Natural attractive eyes for special events

Best budget

All day comfort with high oxygen supply

Vision for all Distance

Clear vision during distance and near tasks

Best daily Lenses

Excellent performance for tired eyes and handling

affordable Daily lenses

Daily comfort perfect for occasional users


CONTACT LENSES Common contact lenses problems? Having red and dry eyes? Discomfort contact lenses? Itchy and pain after wearing contact lenses? Long hours

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