Are these what you are experiencing...

Frustrated with your child’s heavy usage of computers and smartphones at home?

Worried that your child’s vision might get worse especially if he is currently wearing glasses?

Heavy smartphone usage

Poor vision with thick glasses

How is Eyeplus Optometrist able to help?

We understand that the pandemic has changed the majority of your child’s routines which now involve various online classes and the need to stay home for a long period. More time at home means more computers and smartphones usage which leads to a higher chance of getting shortsightedness! 

BUT don’t panic! We got your back. 

Shortsightedness Risk Assessment

How is it being done?


Myopia Assessment Tool is used to understand the risk level of your child’s vision in developing shortsightedness and to decide the need for shortsightedness control. 




We make use of the Myopia Calculator to predict the development of your child’s shortsightedness and compare the outcomes between with management (shortsightedness control lenses) and without management (wearing normal glasses). 

Eye Focusing Test

If your child’s eye focusing strength is insufficient, the risk of shortsightedness progression becomes higher when he sees a lot of near tasks. We will measure his focusing ability in terms of strength and accuracy.


RAF ruler (Strength)

We measure the strength of your child’s eye focusing ability subjectively with a special ruler with reading objects.



MEM retinoscopy (Accurary)

We measure how accurate your child’s focus is when he sees a near object. The larger the inaccuracy, the higher the possibility of shortsightedness progression. 

Lifestyle Modification

Proper reading posture (Pic)


20-20-20 rules (Pic)


Increase Outdoor Activities


Proper Lighting

Follow Up Check

Our team members will follow up with your child’s visual condition periodically and arrange for a follow-up eye check.


Follow-up eye checks consist of eye power checks, consultation on lifestyle modification, and advice on specialty lens usage to make sure your child uses our lenses correctly.

Specialty Children Lenses

We can utilize various customizable lens designs to slow down your child’s shortsightedness progression. The aim is to relax your child’s eye muscles and help him to achieve accurate focusing while doing near work such as computers, smartphones, and the like. 

Child's Progressive Design Lenses

Strong and unbreakable

The brand new DIMS lenses

Curved and snug fit

Prismatic executive bifocal lenses

Bold and firm acetates

Orthokeratology (Ortho k) lenses

Zero burden and flexible


KID'S SHORTSIGHTED CONTROL Are these what you are experiencing... Frustrated with your child’s heavy usage of computers and smartphones at home?Worried tha

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