Why should you invest in Computer Lenses instead of an iPhone X?

By Eyeplus Optometrist

In today’s modern age, we are spending more and more time on digital devices, especially smartphones with small screens.

This creates problems for our eyes, which is known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Click HERE for more on CVS.

eye strain after computer use


Special Lenses for Digital Devices

Many lens companies such as Essilor, Nikon, Kodak and Hoya have come out with specialty lenses to help on the Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

These lenses are commonly known as Computer Lenses or Anti-fatigue Lenses.

essilor computer lens eyezen


What do the Computer Lenses do?

  • Reduce eye fatigue and strain
  • Allow the eyes to switch the focus between far and near without problems
  • Relax eyes regardless of the size of the screens ( even the smaller ones)
  • Provide sharp vision all day


How do Computer Lenses help the eyes?

  • Provides extra focusing support with the additional power zone.
  • A.V.E Technology™ by Essilor provides sharp vision via fine-tuned lens surface.
  • Light Scan technology in Eyezen filter out harmful blue violet.

antifatigue lens relax eyes for electronic devices smartphones

Who can use the Computer Lenses?

  • People aged 18 to 40
  • Experience eye strain and visual fatigue with reading, computer work, other near tasks
  • Accommodation or convergence problems (ie.  Problems with their focusing system and eye muscles)
  • Pre-presbyopic (35 to 40 years old), starting to experience minor problems with reading.



Computer Lenses are customized to provide the most comfortable vision, for both far and near vision.

They are most suitable for modern life usage which helps you to maintain productivity throughout the day.

Computer lenses keep you going from morning to night and get the most of your screen life.


In Eyeplus Optometrist, we carry Computer lenses a.k.a Anti-fatigue lenses from several manufacturers. That’s including Essilor’s Eyezen, Hoya’s Remark, Kodak AFT and Nikon’s Relaxsee.

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