Exterior Eye Anomalies:
Cornea Disease & Cataract Assessment

By Eyeplus Optometrist

Anterior Segment Assessment

The anterior segment of the eye is the front third of the eye that includes the structures in front of the vitreous humour: the eyelid and its surrounding, cornea, iris, ciliary body, and crystalline lens (part where cataract occurs).

How do we test?

Using slit lamp biomicroscopy to focus and enlarge the structure of the anterior segment to look for any anomalies. This test will usually take up roughly 5 minutes.

What to look for?

External Structure:

  • Look for any eyelid infection (styles, chalazion, Meibomian gland dysfunction or blepharitis).
  • Look for any ptosis (droopy eyelid).
  • Look for lagophthalmos (inability to close the eyelids completely).
  • Note any unusual growths (tumours) or lesions.

Corneal Surface to Crystalline Lens:

  • Look for conjunctival infection or inflammation (redness)
  • Look for any corneal infection, lesion, foreign body or dryness.
  • Look for any cataract.

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