Common vision problems during sports?

Does the frame keep sliding down while doing sports? Broken frame as a result of an accident? Worry about eye injury during sports? Require precise and wide vision for sports? Bother by sun glare during sports?

Disturbing frame

Blurred peripheral vision

Sun glare during sports

How Eyeplus able to help?

‘For Your Active Lifestyle’

Vision during sports directly affects an athlete’s performance. Everyday glasses are generally unsuitable for sports especially vigorous sports such as tennis, running, cycling or more. 


Clear vision during sports is not only about accurate power or high UV lenses. It involves a great pair of snug fit frame and wide vision lenses which will directly affect the experience when you are enjoying your sports!

Imaging when you are in a tennis match, your frame are moving and shaking when you are trying to chase the ball coming from the side. How disturbing it is?

To return the ball, peripheral vision must be clear and accurate.  A great player requires to see a ball coming at high speed toward him as clearly as a static ball especially at the side of vision to win the game!

Hence, how we improve a players ‘court’s vision’? 

In Eyeplus Optometrist, we tailored a pair of customized sport glasses according to one’s sports requirement. We trust that this pair of glasses prepare a better winning chance for your game! 

Sports Frame

Choosing a sports frame doesn’t only involve durable and lightweight frame! 

Due to the high-speed nature of these sports, it’s best to get a snug fit frame that have different curved degrees that will wrap your head well! 

Every sports require the ability to see objects out of the corner of your eye, which is the peripheral side. However, our vision were usually blocked by the ordinary frame.

Moving the heads around in such fast speed activities aren’t practical and dangerous. 

Sports frames that wraps well around the eyes provides sufficient protection to your eyes and give you the widest visual field possible!



Running and Cycling

Peripheral vision is very important for cyclists or runners. We usually enjoy these sports in a group. To maintain a safe distance from others, we need full and clear side views. 

It is challenging for us to have a good view at the side without moving the heads especially in such a fast speed ride or run. The lenses are usually out of focus!


Hence, customized sport lenses are able to deliver a clear and wide visual field that extends to the periphery of the lenses!  It helps us to focus easily at every different direction and distance well!

Our highly customized fits all the high curved frames and high prescriptions including reading power. 


Ball Games

Ball games including tennis, badminton, football or basketball involves a great tracking visual skills while moving vigorously with stable vision.

Players are required to track the ball movement especially for team sports like basketball. They must be able to see and react well when the team member is passing him the ball.

Besides, it also contributes to a high risk of traumatic injury.

A perfect pair of sports lenses allows players to play freely and safely. Our customized lenses come with impact resistance lenses which are unbreakable to ensure risk-free sports injury. 

Water Sports

It is challenging for us to get a clear vision due to the extreme reflections from the sea!

Whether you like fishing, sailing, swimming or voyage, which water sports glasses should you get?

Water sports eyewear is not only about high UV protection. To achieve glare free vision, we provide a range of tints paired up with our sports lenses allowing you to enjoy your favorite sports.

With attractive tint, you are able to appreciate crisp vision with superior color contrast enhancement under the sun!




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SPORTS VISION Common vision problems during sports?  Does the frame keep sliding down while doing sports? Broken frame as a result of an accident? Worry ab

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