Headache whenever you use the computer? You may have…

By Eyeplus Optometrist

Recently, our optometrist came across a patient complaining of blurred vision and glaring at night.

After a detailed history taking and examination, he was found that he had corneal laceration (a cut on the cornea, the front surface of our eye) few weeks before, caused by some sharp plastic material.

The wound had been sutured and healed.

Due to the wound, his is now having some mild astigmatism which is the primary cause of glare and blurred vision. Spectacle is prescribed and he feels much better now.


He is lucky in the sense that the injury is not occurring in the centre of the cornea which might affect his vision permanently.

Therefore, ALWAYS BE CAREFUL in whatever you are doing.

Wear a protective glasses if you are working in an environment which might put you in the risk of eye injury.

protective glasses

Lastly, REMEMBER to have your eyes examine regularly!

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